Self-fusing tape

Self-fusing tape is made of special fully cured silicone rubber compound that fuses to itself forming a permanent bond.

Whether you call it fusible tape, self-fusing, self valcanising, self amalgamating tape or just silicone tape, this product is amazingly useful.

This silicone tape is the perfect alternative to adhesive electrical tape, duct tape and heat shrink tape for many applications.


  • No adhesive
  • No residue when tape removed
  • Harness wrapping & wire bundling for high-temp applications
  • Insulation for field armature and interpole coils in large motors
  • Electrical insulation and sealing of electrical connectors
  • Masking tape in powder coating
  • High or low temperature sealing tape
  • Moisture protection



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25.4mm (1")

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£ 20.00 exc VAT

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