A proven solution for protecting, strengthening, bundling, wires, cables and flexible pipe systems. Expandable braided sleeving is made of lightweight 0.22mm, but tough polyester monofilaments of the highest quality and tensile properties.


The push back expansion effect of this product enables a few sizes to cover a wide range of applications. Expandable braided sleeving readily expands which makes installation efficient even over large diameter transitions and around bends. Once installed it retracts to conform to the application shape resulting in a smooth, close fitting sleeve.


Expandable braided sleeving can be used in hostile environments and is suitable for all industries. Due to its braided construction it is self-extinguishing and low toxicity during combustion making it ideal for use in public areas or near sensitive electronic equipment.

Choose Diameter

5 mm 10 mm 12mm 20 mm 40 mm

Choose Colour

Choose Length

5m 10m 25m 50m



£ 3.00 exc VAT
Abrasion resistance
Operation Temperature
-70°C - 150°C

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