Vidaflex XGR

Vidaflex XGR is based on a unique glass braid construction that permits up to 300% expansion of the internal bore. Vidaflex XGR is constructed from braided E glass yarn with a tough hard resin to impact increased abrasion resistance.

A highly expandable, high temperature resin impregnated glass braided sleeving. It conforms well around wiring looms that have a large variation in size. Exhibits excellent resistance to a wide range of automotive fluids and industrial solvents.

Vidaflex XGR can readily be cut to size without edge fray or dusting.

Choose Diameter

No.4 8mm - 25mm No.3 10mm - 30mm No.2 15mm - 38mm No.1 20mm - 50mm No.5 6mm - 18mm No.6 3mm - 9mm No.7 2mm - 6mm

Choose Colour

Choose Length

5m 10m



£ 25.40 exc VAT

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